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don't let it get away [27 Nov 2005|08:16pm]
"Leave it to a girl to take the fun out of sex discrimination."

The best thing happened this weekend. In between killing myself (and the magical stylings of Brittany Swihart- a.k.a. Scroosus, an alice-wanting-to-smash-it-with-her-shoe combination of Scrooge and Jesus) over the play and avoiding all types of homework (ha! Still avoiding!) Mat and I went shopping. And, officially, found the best poncho ever. You cannot understand the absolute brilliance of this clothing item without a) living in Korea and comprehending their fashion tastes and b) seeing it. I wish I had photos of it to bring out on such occasions as deaths, mass genocide and Bush re-elections.

How did we come across such an item as the poncho of reindeer/bauble/turtleneck death? By sifting through the clothing racks of W.H.Oru, a store commonly considered Korea’s version of Abercrombie and Fitch; though the day A &F start stocking blue ponchos of mass mocking is the day… well, I honestly can’t think of anything witty enough to put here; but just you wait, Henry Higgins, it’d be synonymous to the apocalypse.

But anyhow, to give a rough re-enactment of the poncho of death scenario involving Mat and I, whilst I happened to be SERIOUSLY looking for an outfit for a friend’s house party (gotta love those European parents of liberality), he was putting on hats. Hats that were contrived of orange, fluffy wool and glitter. I think I almost wet myself. But then this feat was quite literally proved possible as we found the poncho.

Me: *called over by Mat* …What is it? We’ve been here an hour already and still I haven’t found anythi-

*sees poncho*


We spent at least five minutes trying to figure out what it was before realizing that it was indeed not a skirt or strange, half knitted top, but a poncho. And thus I present you with a rough sketch of the epitome of Korean fashion:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And now back to the joys that is Ecosystems homework and correcting Mat’s English. I lead a tres exciting life.
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[02 Sep 2005|10:08pm]
...And on the first day there was light. There was still nothing, but at least you could see it.

friends only.
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